My name is Leland. I’ve been working with WordPress for a few years now. You might know me from my other website at Theme Lab, where I release free WordPress themes and cover other WordPress-related news.

Why I Started This Site

You’re probably wondering, why am I starting a brand new site when I already have another WordPress-centric blog? Well, to put it simply, there really isn’t another site like this on the net. Sure, there might be some child themes and tutorials scattered around the web, but Themelets will bring it all into one centralized location. I also can’t really cover every single bit of child theme-related news on my other blog. This will give me more freedom to do that over here.

Support Policy

I’d love to help you out with your WordPress stuff, however most of the theme frameworks and child themes covered on this site are not created by me. Pretty much all of these themes are very actively supported by their respective developers. Some even have vibrant support communities surrounding them as well. I don’t want to detract from that, but if you can’t find help directly from the source, I am available for hire. Simply get in touch with me through my contact form.